Life application

Drinking water
Pour water into our LIVEN tumblers for one to three minutes or put the LIVEN series into the drinking machine to reduce the chlorine in the water, shrink water molecules and enhance the oxygen level. The water can be softened and be rendered mellower.

Tea leaves
Using our LIVEN tea set/tumblers for tea brewing and savoring can shorten brewing time while reducing bitterness and increasing the mellow aftertaste.

Our LIVEN tumblers can make your coffee savory.

Our LIVEN tumblers can make your milk even more aromatic.

Fruit vinegar
Pouring vinegar into our LIVEN pots/saucers can lessen the sourness and allow you to experience a healthy and flavorful taste.

Rice wine
Shaoxing wine: pouring rice wine into our LIVEN tumblers for 5 to 30 seconds can lessen the strong taste of wine. The aftertaste is as mellow as that of aged wine.

LIVEN tumblers can speed up the wine decanting process and ensure a smooth taste.

Putting cigarettes in LIVEN ashtrays/cigarette holders can reduce the acridity of cigarette smoke.

Rice & noodles
You can put our LIVEN series in a pot to cook with rice or noodles to get al dente noodles as well as chewy, crystal-clear rice that can be stored longer than general rice.

You can put our LIVEN series in a pot to cook the food well without compromising the flavor and texture.

Putting our LIVEN series into your fermentation container can shorten the fermentation time and reduce the sourness of pickles while improving their texture.

Fish tank
Putting our LIVEN series into your fish tank can purify water, help aquatic plants flourish, and make the scales of the fish brighter.

Anti-stench and anti-bacteria
Putting our LIVEN series in the refrigerator can keep food fresh and eliminate refrigerator odor.

Ikebana (flower arranging)
Compared to displaying your flowers in ordinary vases, using LIVEN vases or putting LIVEN series into your vase can make the flowers bloom earlier and prolong the blooming period.

Putting the LIVEN series in flower pots can boost the growth of plants.

Our LIVEN tumblers can make beer bubbles more delicate and prevent gastric distension caused by the bubbles.