When was ACERA established and how long has it been flourishing?
ACERA was founded in 1986 and 2012 marked its 26th anniversary.
How many stores has ACERA opened in Taiwan and China, respectively?
There are nearly 800 sales spots in Taiwan, and 1200 in China, more than 2,000 in total. The number is still growing.
Does any celebrity or entertainer use ACERA’s products?
ACERA President’s wife (general manager of ACERA’s marketing department in China) is a fan of Fei Xiang (Kris Phillips). She gave him an ACERA stylish, life-maintaining tumbler for his concert. Gaston J. C. Wu, professor of Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal University, has recommended ACERA again and again in his books and some TV shows. It is ACERA’s honor and pride to receive such compliments.
Are ACERA’s products manufactured in Taiwan or China?
ACERA has established manufacturing factories both in Taiwan and China, though mostly in Taiwan. The cross-strait production lines, controlled in a rigorous standard for the sake of quality, can complement each other.
Is there any certificate or a test from an authoritative third party?
ACERA has garnered patents from Taiwan and the US. Currently, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, and National Tsing Hua University can conduct precise measurements.
Why does ACERA cooperate with Swarovski?
It is ACERA’s honor that Swarovski sought partnership with ACERA. Swarovski’s design concepts for fashion items match well with those ACERA. The newly designed stylish, life-maintaining tumbler is sure to convey ACERA’s aesthetics and health consciousness to consumers.
What’s ACERA’s brand culture?
ACERA combines fashion and health in its LIVEN series, believing that life-maintaining efforts are the trend for fashion and beauty. It hopes to bring its customers a healthy lifestyle incorporating delicate aesthetics.
What is the bestselling product of ACERA?
Tumbler, especially, the “Happy Tumbler” is popular among younger generations. The oversize ornament is also popular due to its releasing of negative ions.

養生活瓷 --- 活瓷Q&A

What’s the function of Tourmaline Negative Ions Tumbler?
■ It is lead- and cadmium-free and can immediately improve water quality.
■ Embodied with unique cultural patterns, our Tourmaline Negative Ions Tumbler is crafted with more than 70 to 80 steps.
■ LIVEN tourmaline white glaze can release good far infrared energy with an average emission rate of 0.906 of 5-14μm far infrared. And the added function to release up to 1000-2000/cm3 negative ions can sweeten the water, like drinking natural spring water.
■ Our silicone Tumbler caps, ABS internal thread inner covers and TPE gaskets, besides their aesthetic value, all passed the RoHs EU safety test.
■ Our new Tall Mug series features a double-wall design to insulate the heat of hot water; single-wall mugs are also available.
Our Tourmaline Negative Ions Tumbler was selected in the 2010 Yingge Wares Branding Project, received a functional award by the Yingge Ceramics Museum's 2008 Selected Exhibition of New Ceramic Works, and acquired the 2008 GD (Good Design) Mark.
What should be kept in mind when using or cleaning the Tourmaline Negative Ions Tumbler?
■ Keep the porcelain products out of reach of children to avoid falling/breaking, and to prevent children from being scalded.
■ Pour water until the tumbler is 80% full, to leave room for steam circulation.
■ Make sure the cap is properly tightened to avoid leaking.
■ When you put your tumbler in your backpack, place it in an upright position to avoid leaking.
■ Please do not store juice, milk, health vinegar, tea, etc., in the tumbler overnight, and please clean it upon finishing the beverage to prevent bacteria breeding and odor.
■ Our products, including tumbler caps, gold leaf gilding series, and appliqué series cannot be placed in dishwashers and microwave ovens, and should be kept away from fire to prevent deformation.
■ It is suggested to use our single-wall tumblers with tumbler sleeves to insulate the heat of hot water.
■ Keep water from going into the inner side of silicone tumbler sleeves when you wash your tumblers, as the water may increase the heat conductivity and reduce the insulation effect.
■ Consumables, such as tumbler caps, gaskets and tumbler sleeves, if in a poor condition after long-term use, are purchasable in our direct-sale shops or retail spots.
■ Clean the ceramic products with sponges or special scouring pads. Do NOT use stainless steel scrubbing pads that may damage the glazed surfaces. Tumbler caps should be cleaned with sponges to prevent scratches.
■ Please wash your tumbler and cap thoroughly after use and put them away separately.
How to wash LIVEN products?
Please wash your LIVEN products thoroughly to maintain the function of far infrared; use special sponges for cleaning to avoid damaging the glazed surfaces.
Can LIVEN products be used in microwave ovens?
According to the test reports, it is safe to use our LIVEN products in microwave ovens. (Except the gold leaf gilding series and items with cracks)
Can LIVEN products with cracks still be used?
Our LIVEN products are manufactured by a 1280℃ firing process, ensuring their permanent function. Once the products are cracked, they can still be used in other ways as flowerpots for planting or as fish tanks to purify the water. Therefore, please reuse our products to help protect the environment.
How can far infrared be detected?
Far infrared is detected by precision instruments, such as infrared thermal radiation detector, average emission rate of thermocouple, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance measurements. Currently, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, and National Tsing Hua University can conduct precise measurements.