Crossover Cooperation

In this era when creativity is highly prized, quality and originality have been retained on the road to the endless pursuit of innovation.
From tradition to modernity, from the East to the West, from tangible to intangible, ACERA crosses the boundaries and embraces the strengths of various fields and industries.
Such a breakthrough has rendered the world even more fascinating.

In association with Uni-President

In association with Swarovski

In association with EASTCHA


Product name:
Uni-President Chunxiang Tianniang Black Bean Sauce

The black-and-white gradation oil-spot glaze sauce container is
specially designed by LIVEN for Uni-President’s Tongwan Black Bean Sauce to
form Chunxiang Tianniang Tongwan Black Bean Sauce.
This is our first cross-industry cooperation with the food industry.

Co-brand:Swarovski Elements

Product name:
LIVEN Jixing Bright Stone Tumbler

Jixing tumbler series reflects the unique design and innovative combination of
ACERA’s ceramic process and Swarovski’s crystal diamonds.
The bright crystal diamonds of Swarovski in Austria are inlaid in ceramic with the exclusive inlay method.
The combination of culture and art design essence,
traditional crafts and popular elements makes sure that each work is the best,
and is the most fashionable healthy art tumbler for modern people.


Product name:
Fortune Gift Box

Fortune Gift Box is a perfect gift box composed
of EASTCHA and LIVEN tumblers.
The gift box represents the perfect combination of four caddies with different colors for four kinds of teas,
and is the best choice for tasteful people to present to relatives and friends as a festival gift.