R&D and Manufacturing

Customized Services
ACERA provides the ODM and OEM with a wide range of customized ceramic gifts and fashionable items, and offers gift design projects and manufacturing services to businesses and organizations. With a full understanding of customers’ needs, budgets and preferences, we highly emphasize efficiency and quality in order to provide you with optimal suggestions and planning. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 886-3-355-9201.

ODM Collaboration Cases
ACERA has been evaluated by the National Palace Museum and National Museum of History as an artifact gift business partner. Its products are displayed and sold on a long-term basis in the museums, supporting the core philosophies of Chinese culture while exhibiting and passing on the aesthetics of Chinese arts.
-National Palace Museum: store for such products as Sancai Dragon and Phoenix Pen Holder, Green Porcelain Fish-Shaped Pen Holder, Sancai Ming Dynasty Vintage Red Lacquer Box, Sancai Lion Paperweight, Green Porcelain Phoenix Plate, Green Porcelain Ming Dynasty Pen Holder, etc.
-Waterworks: Aqua Baby Hanging Ornament
– Hualien Distillery: Moon Spring Gaoliang Liquor Urn
-China Youth Corps’s Mascot: The Lion King
-Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics Tall Mug

The Superiority of ACERA
ACERA boasts an exceptional design team, rich resources for manufacturing, prompt and detailed communications, efficiency and high quality.