Making a breakthrough from the traditional Tang Sancai, ACERA presents the gorgeous noble style of the modern East in its art ceramics by complementing ceramic glaze and Western spray painting style with a number of firing processes. We are devoted to integrating art and culture into customers’ lives, and achieving a perfect balance between innovation and vintage styles through continuous research and improvements in pursuit of perfection. Our art ceramics present the grand manner of the Tang Dynasty with multiple molding techniques, including paste-on-paste, engraving and carving, sculpting, hollow cutting, appliqué, etc. The flexible contemporary designs coupled with sophisticated realistic carving present an unprecedented resplendent style. Integrating splendid color-washed northern Tang Sancai with the colorful, bright glaze of southern Koji pottery, we create varied art ceramics with a fine gradation of colors which are as delightful as ink-wash paintings, and as delicate and graceful as fine brushworks in traditional Chinese paintings. All of these characteristics form a distinct style for ACREA’s “TANGCAI”.