Far Infrared

Also known as “breeding light” or “healthy light”, far infrared is invisible to the naked eye, and we are exposed to it at all times. It can reach the highest absorption and penetration for animals and plants with water content more than 6%, by vibrating the water molecules. Generally, the wavelength of far infrared is between 5 and 14 micrometers. According to NASA and Professor Hanaoka of Nara University, far infrared with a wavelength of 7-11 micrometers is the most beneficial to health.

Negative ions

Negative ions are known as air vitamins. Air is made up of numerous molecules, and due to the influence of cosmic rays, ultraviolet rays, as well as soil and air radiation in nature, some air molecules release electrons. Under normal atmospheric pressure, the released electrons can combine with neutral air molecules and form negative ions. Negative air ions have a significant influence on human bodies and the lives of other creatures, just as food vitamins do. As modern environmental quality deteriorates (the ratio of positive and negative ions is five to four, with the normal ratio being 1:3-1:4), people live under high tension and are prone to become nervous, stressed and exhausted. Tourmaline can release abundant negative ions that help balance the ionization, thereby achieving the relaxation of the human body. Given this, negative ions are seen as indispensable in the lives of modern people.




普通陶瓷 - 释放130个/cm3负离子


玻璃杯 - 释放27个/cm3负离子

不锈钢杯 - 释放9个/cm3负离子

塑料杯 - 释放6个/cm3负离子