When tea touches LIVEN CLAY, it is indeed a return to nature
Etiquette is more than an elaborate and complicated ritual. It garnishes the real truth, the sincerity of a gift as simple as a pot of tea. A cup of tea is not just the sweet explosion of taste buds as you sip the hot beverage slowly, letting its different layers linger over your tongue, the initial slight bitterness, and the sweetness that flows in. The teapot is closely connected to the tea within it. Without the tea, it has no significance on its own. With its simple and minimalist design, the LIVEN CLAY teapot comes to life naturally, especially when there is tea steeping within it. Tea not only invigorates, it also nourishes the mind and the soul. The teapot is simple, elegant and its color is beautiful. The tea itself has a delicate fragrance that is invigorating, and the person who pours out the tea from the pot regards you with respect and sincerity, so that the swell of each cup is filled with endless possibilities and blessings.