Suet glaze

Through the artifactitious feldspar and the formula and firing technology researched and developed by our technical team for many years, the texture and characteristic of suet glaze becomes non-transparent and semimat. The glaze is lubricated and the very thick enamel layer is full like the character of “bowlder” after the sintering under a high temperature. It has the following characteristics as follows: gentleness, strongness, purity and spotlessness and flawlessness, seeming as a congealed fat, which is called as “suet freezing” by an expert of Chinese ceramics. In the enamel layer that is semitransparent and thick like the accumulated fat, depth and connotation of glaze can be shown. After fusion between the glaze and argil in a high temperature, bubble and superfine crystals will be produced, which will generate the natural glaze layer by illumination of ray of light.

Celeste blue glaze

Celeste blue is also called the blue sky after raining, which was derived from a saying by the ancients “A sunshine after rain. The clouds begin to scatter and the golden sun appears in the blue sky.” A book of ceramic in ancient times was written as “greenness as a sky and brightness as a mirror”. With the characteristic of glazing color, its color is like cyanic color. The glazing color is nutritious and brimful, and the glaze is smooth. When you touch it, it is gentle and agreeable, which is rare.