About Liven Clay
Shandong Beixin culture over 7,000 years ago is the source of the ancient myth of Nu Wa Making Man as well 
as an important place for Neolithic ancestors to live and multiply. With rich cultural heritage, Beixin is an important representative of the late primitive society.
Its pottery development reveals the advancement of its pottery technology at that time. Its pottery features practical and aesthetic artistic life concepts, and represents the long history and historical value of oriental colored pottery. 
“Live soil” newly developed by ACERA is made of soil from this ancient formation. Liven Clay products made by modern pottery technology uses natural materials to 
continue cultural heritage, and shape artistic sentiment in life. In terms of technology, ACERA Liven Clay series products feature good plasticity of clay, simple glazing color, refined shape, soft and simple elegance, and a texture full 
of spirituality and grace. Free from superfluous decoration, 
the products highlight truth and nature. Their tranquility calms busy people, and display the elegance and nobility 
of Liven Clay products. This enjoyable and refreshing pottery is the competitive product of ACERA.